Five Strategies to Lengthen the HTC Thunderbolt Battery

One of the major complaints in regards to the the new HTC Thunderbolt to this point have been with regard to the total battery life through daily usage. While using HTC Thunderbolt’s 4.3 in. display screen and data transfer rates of above 5Mbps, it really is simple to see how a HTC Thunderbolt can drain battery juice with a a lot higher rate in comparison with many other mobile devices. The majority of buyers are experiencing around
four to six hours of battery life with typical usage, which isn’t appropriate for a phone for you to make use of day in and day out. For those who own an HTC Thunderbolt or are thinking about buying one, then chances are you are likely to learn a few methods in order to increase and squeeze every ounce of battery life from the HTC Thunderbolt. Here are five ways for you to effortlessly lengthen lifespan of the HTC Thunderbolt on one charge, so that you will no longer need to carry a second battery or your charger with you continually.

Decrease the Brightness: That big 4.3 inch display screen sure is beautiful and shiny, but unless you are out in bright lighting, there isn’t a purpose to make the screen so bright anyway. In actual fact, a bright screen can be hard on your eyes, and can cause them to become tired with extended use. You undoubtedly gaze at your computer screen all day long, so give your vision and your Thunderbolt’s battery a rest. Turning your display down to 50 percent may have a substantial impact on battery performance with prolonged use.

That 4G Sure is Nice: That fast internet connection that you’re holding in your pocket is useful. For many individuals it might be even be faster than their home web connection, but why does your Thunderbolt need to be on its 4G service on a regular basis, particularly when its just sitting in your pocket. For many day-to-day jobs, the 3G radio is more than adequate for what you need it for, and is much easier on your battery. So, when you’re not grabbing videos and apps or browsing the net, turn that 4G radio off with the “Phone Info” app from the Android Marketplace. This can have a substantial impact on overall battery life, as that 4G radio sure sucks plenty of juice.

Apps that Suck Juice: You might not even notice it, but there are many apps that love to sit in the background and send data even if the app isn’t actually on the screen. If you have a number of these applications all transmitting and obtaining information continually even though the phone is in your pocket, you can really be draining that battery quick. Look to close those programs with an application named “Task Killer” inside the Android Marketplace.

Those Added Features are a Drain on Battery: All those additional features are continuously draining your battery. Also, it is likely you don’t make use of these features on a daily basis, so if you’re not using them – turn them off! This may greatly increase your battery life, and you may always just turn the feature right back on at any given time in a few presses.

Get a Second Battery or an Extended Battery: Lastly, you could purchase an extended battery which can vastly enhance the performance over the stock battery. A few of these batteries are identical in size as the original, plus some are a tiny bit larger and will add height and weight to your HTC Thunderbolt. This might be the simplest strategy to increase your battery life. Verizon is releasing their unique variation of an extended battery shortly, but it will set you back around $50. For those searching for a cheaper alternative, Amazon has one that won’t increase the depth of the phone for about $20.

If you put together each of the suggestions above, you ought to very easily be able to extend the battery life of the HTC Thunderbolt to a far better length. Removing background apps, and features that are sucking up battery can go a long way to extending battery life, while purchasing an extra or extended battery and turning the brightness down can also have a substantial impact on battery performance.

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